String Theory

Identity designed for a lingerie brand based in India. We started by naming the brand and then created the identity around it.

Project Focus - Branding, Identity,  Packaging, Copywriting

String Theory lingerie is an embodiment of the free-spirit and transformation.

Lingerie that reflects a woman’s mood; it quietly adapts and boldly adorns. It speaks her language or keeps her secret. French vintage juxtaposed by modern fabrics, String Theory adds exquisite detailing to each of its tissue-wrapped treats.

Lace, silk, embroidery, embellishments along with bold, playful, romantic cuts make for an always-seductive expression that encapsulates a woman’s boudoir today.

The Symbol

The Symbol

The symbol is a play on the word "string" using the ligature for "st" to depict the same.

Colour Palette

Colour Palette

The colour palette uses Pantone's colour of the year "Rose Quartz" juxtaposed by bold, black and white prints.

String-Theory - Box.jpg