The aim of this project, under SUPSI's MAIND program, was to make a simple walking robot with a single motor, switch and battery. The robot should be able to walk in a straight line, be able to climb a slope and it should not use any wheels.
The Hexabot is a six legged robot that takes inspiration from cockroaches, stick insects and some varieties of spiders. The choice to build a robot with six legs was made because they are known to be stable and versatile. I also chose to keep a low body to add more stability on a slope.
The overall design is very rudimentary and the bot can move on uneven terrain as well.
The body of the robot is made using laser cut parts. The base of the box is kept hollow in order to accommodate the motor, switch and battery. The legs and the joints are laser cut and they attach to the motor from the center. The second attachment from the motor to the leg uses 3D printed parts on both sides, in order to facilitate movement.